​2019 Shortlisted projects

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The missing link: developing a linkage into care among HIV self-testing (HIVST) users with positive results

​Redesigning health care services for HIV self-testing users with positive results, using digital technologies.

Dr Jaime Vera, Senior Lecturer in HIV and Consultant Physician, Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS)

Breaking down the barriers between primary and secondary care​

​Developing new clinical roles to improve patient care across primary, community and secondary care

​Diana Hamilton-Fairley, Director of Strategy, Medway Foundation Trust

Making Frailty a priority in East Kent: An integrated whole-systems commitment to change

The development of a whole-systems Frailty strategy based on true collaboration between the Acute Trust, Community Trust, primary care and other community partners focused on establishing a continuum of care using innovative ways of working within community multi-disciplinary team hubs.

​Jointly hosted by

Dr Shelagh O’Riordan, Lead geriatrician & Clinical Director of Frailty services, Kent Community Foundation NHS Trust

Dr Upaasna Garbharran, Consultant geriatrician, East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust

​Informatics in Primary Care

​​Developing and implementing a strategy to improve primary care informatics across Kent & Medway
​Marc Farr Director of Information East Kent University Hospitals Foundation Trust

​Learning from Deaths – Working with Families and Carers

​To work in in partnership through a co-production approach to improve how we listen to bereaved families/carers, and involve and support them in learning from deaths.

​Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A whole systems approach to reducing suicide and self-harm amongst children and young people

​Delivering systems wide transformation, particularly around education and training, to improve support for children and young people who self-harm or experience suicidal ideation.

​Cavita Chapman, Clinical Lead, Mental Health Programme, Health Education England Kent, Surrey and Sussex


​Engaging the Voluntary Community and Faith Sector with the Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System/ Partnership

​Identifying and breaking down barriers to cooperation between the VCFS and statutory partners to improve serving the needs of people seeking support from services, make best use of funding, give individual’s choice and recognising shared objectives.

​Sue Murphy, Chief Executive, Catalyst Support Limited


Managing the unmet need of monitoring monoclonal Gammopathy of uncertain significance (MGUS) in the community and reducing the risk of missed Multiple Myeloma diagnoses

To identify and monitor MGUS patients, with the aim to prevent the risk of missed myeloma cancer diagnoses.

Dr Emma O’Donovan, Haematology Consultant, East Surrey Hospital


Delaying permanent admissions to care homes: What opportunities can we identify through the use of linked data?

​Identify opportunities for health and social care to reduce or delay permanent admissions to care homes (a triple fail event) by using data from the new Surrey and Sussex Integrated Data Platform.

Alistair Hill, Director of Public Health, Brighton & Hove City Council

Transforming the primary care workforce by shifting cultural trends through enriching educational provision for everyone. Identifying and enabling cultural changes to transform primary care by liberating GP training programmes – enriching opportunities to improve clinician recruitment, retention and wellbeing. ​Dr Christopher Warwick, Head of GP School & Deputy Head of Primary & Community Care Education, Health Education England Kent, Surrey & Sussex ​

​West Sussex Frailty Project

​Ensuring alignment of activity to prevent, delay and reverse frailty and improve outcomes for older people across the West Sussex health and care economy 

​Daniel MacIntyre, Head of Service, West Sussex County Council

​Establishing an integrated proactive care hub for patients living with frailty​
​To establish effective mechanisms for risk stratifying patients living with frailty within a locality and to integrate provider organisations and clinical teams to deliver proactive comprehensive geriatric assessment within a geographical community hub.
​Dr James Adams, Clinical Lead (RSCH) for the Guildford & Waverley Integrated Care Partnership and Chief of Service for Access and Medicine Division, Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RSCH) 

​Clinically-led Demand and Capacity Analysis for Primary Care

​To design the optimum skill mix to deliver best quality primary care within the resources available through the General Medical Services contract

Murray King, Group Manager, Primary  Care Partnerships; supported by Richard Quirk, Medical Director, Sussex Primary Care 

Connecting Care for Children

​Developing a collaborative integrated “New Model of Care” partnership between GPs and Paediatricians.

Dr Paul Crawshaw Clinical Lead on Women and Children STP Guildford and Waverley CCG


Improving and implementing standardised clinical pathways and guidelines across the surrey heartlands in line with saving lives care bundle 

​Work with clinical teams across three provider organisations to deliver a set of consistent clinical pathways and guidelines that will reduce variation in clinical care and support the delivery of quality improvement. 

Dr Chimwemwe Kalumbi MBBS MRCOG MD, Clinical Safety Lead,  Surrey Heartland LMS Quality and Safety Work Stream 

Surrey Heartlands Women and Children's STP


Finding innovative ways to reduce health inequalities and improve public health outcomes through primary care provided public health services and initiatives

To develop and implement outcomes focussed cost-effective transformation of the current Public Health Service Level Agreements  with primary care providers to deliver effective reductions in health inequalities and improve population health outcomes across East Sussex.

​Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health, East Sussex County Council

Improving medical workforce equality and integration of international doctors ​
To improve integration, workforce equality, training and retention of international junior doctors in the NHS.  ​Dr Katherine Webber and Dr Monica Minardi, Medical Education Team, Royal Surrey County Hospital ​

Getting it Right in MSK. How can we utilize new models of care to reduce invasive procedures? 

To design and co-produce a new service model in MSK in which patient measured outcomes and lifestyle treatments are a key focus. 

Jane Williams, Programme Director for Planned Care at Surrey Heartlands

A system wide approach to infection prevention and control across Surrey Heartlands​

To explore, design and recommend system wide solutions that support an overall reduction in Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) and benefits every citizen living and working in the Surrey Heartlands area.

​Eileen Clark, Deputy Director for Quality and Nursing, Surrey Heartlands CCGs 

Using the multi professional learner voice to enhance the quality of education​
​Explore a range of methods to utilise how multi professional learners can enhance the implementation of the HEE educational quality framework principals across a range of learning environments. 
Liz Fidler, Associate Dean Quality,

Health Education England Kent, Surrey and Sussex


Developing a prevention and wellbeing programme in an Acute Trust setting.

To develop and lead the implementation of a prevention and wellbeing programme for staff and service users in the local acute trust in collaboration with NHS colleagues in the Trust and the local CCG.

Dr Kate Bailey Consultant in Public Health West Sussex County Council

STP Footprint. (Stepping forward in Surrey Heartlands) ​
Identifying the contributory factors for the high major amputation rates in people with diabetes across Surrey Heartlands STP and recommending areas of change/best practice to reduce risk and improve outcomes for people with diabetes. ​Dr Roselle Herring
 Joint Clinical Lead Surrey Heartlands Diabetes Programme and Clinical Director for Diabetes and Endocrinology, Royal Surrey County Hospital
North West Surrey CCG ​
Making Interface Geriatrics work in West Kent​

​Building frailty pathways linking the acute trust, community and primary care colleagues

Dr Peter Maskell

Medical Director, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Thames Valley and Surrey Local health and Care record exemplar ​

​Develop an approach to unlocking the value of digital tools like the longitudinal care record being delivered through the LHCRE Programme; understand, describe and advocate getting the most clinical and organisational value.

​Steve Abbott, Chief Information Officer, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership

Breaking the cycle: Patient as parent in adult mental health settings​

​Changing the culture of Sussex Partnership Trust so that adult mental health clinicians routinely think 'patient as parent'.

​Dr Rick Fraser, Chief Medical Officer, Sussex Partnership Trust


A whole systems approach to embedding the WRES and WDES agenda within MH Trusts across KSS.

Strategising and delivering systems wide transformation which supports mental health trusts to progress the WRES and WDES agenda to promote improvements that can be reflected by indicators of staff engagement, wellbeing and career progression.  ​

Cavita Chapman, Clinical Lead, Mental Health Programme, Health Education England Kent, Surrey and Sussex


Integrated eye care using the Kent, Ophthalmology Record

This project will support the implementation and evaluation of an integrated care record enabling joined up care for people with eye disease.

Professor Chris Farmer, Consultant Renal Physician, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.


A European project to provide a sustainable model of integrated dementia services in Kent.

​Codesigning a holistic pathway for people living with dementia (PLWD) through improved education, integrated services and new model of dementia nursing home (a "dementia village") and tourism offers (a "guest house with care")

Dr Phil Brighton, East Kent Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust​


Integrating care through accessible mobile technology

This project will deliver integrated care for complex patients with long-term conditions (including frailty, heart failure and chronic lung diseases) using a cloud based app to bridge the gap between primary care, commun ity care and acute hospital trusts.

Professor Chris Farmer Consultant Renal Physician, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust


Pathology workforce transformation- partnership of services across Kent & Medway STP 

​Scientific & technological advances would support significant improvements for Pathology services by the creation of multi organisational networks to improve workforce efficiency for patient diagnostics incorporating new ways of working.

​Dr Edmund Lamb. Clinical Director of Pathology and Consultant Clinical Scientist (Biochemistry) East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust 

Out of area sexual health activity: inevitable or avoidable?​

​To identify the reasons so many patients use out-of-county sexual health services, and to propose and develop strategies to support them to access the services in Surrey that have been designed to meet their needs.

​Ruth Hutchinson, Deputy Director of Public Health, Surrey County Council

​Artificial Intelligence Living Lab​
​​Co-creating an Artificial Intelligence-enabled creative ‘maker space’ 
​​Jane Ollis, Non-Executive Director, Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network 
System development: cultural change at scale​

​Empowering the staff of North West Surrey to think 'system' after decades of professional and organisational boundaries.

​Valerie Bartlett, Programme Director, Ashford & St Peters Hospitals NHS Trust 
Improving healthcare provision for people with diabetes This project is about improving the extent to which people with diabetes are able to access care provided in accordance with NICE guidance.  ​Dr Ben Field
 Clinical Reader in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Surrey RCP Tutor and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist, Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust ​
Understanding why people escalate into mental health crisis: targeting the cause and finding a preventative solution​

​​Understanding the rise in Section 136 (S136) detentions and the potential solutions in the system to address this.
​​High Weald Lewes Havens CCG

Understanding the complexity of four different contexts across several Surrey NHS trusts using SenseMaker®

​Using the App-based tool SenseMaker®, to engage staff and / or service users and explore causes of and solutions to potential or actual issues in four different complex systems across several local NHS trusts in North West Surrey. 

​Dr Mark MacGregor and Dr Alenka Miles, Consultant Anaesthetists, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Growing place-based inter-professional learning environments in primary care

Establish the capability profile and

requirements for General practices working at scale and as primary care networks to develop as learning environments capable of hosting a variety of inter-professional placements, undergraduate and postgraduate, at scale.

Dr Kim Stillman, Clinical director for East Kent Community Education provider network

Developing a quality improvement system at scale and pace within a mental health organisation​
​To contribute to the development of a quality improvement system across Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust
​Professor Jonathan Warren, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Investigating the important issues in mental health and suicide in trainees and students across HEE KSS and developing ways to improve their wellbeing​
​​Investigating the issues central to trainee and student mental health and suicide. 
Professor Graeme Dewhurst

Postgraduate Dean, Health Education England, Kent Surrey & Sussex Team


Research workforce for the future

To improve research and innovation in KSS by attracting and retaining a delivery workforce, encouraging more clinical investigators and nurturing healthcare research with our academic partners.

Kate Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Research Network, Kent, Surrey and Sussex

​Embedding Equally Well UK in the South East​

​To embed the national Equally Well UK programme in the region and tackle one of the most intractable issues relating to physical health for people with a mental illness. 

Andy Bell, Deputy chief executive,

Centre for Mental Health

Developing an ACE trauma informed system​

​Building a picture of good practice, existing interventions and required outcomes to transform the local "system" (public services) to provide trauma informed life course care to those who have experience trauma. 

Rachel Wells, Head of Academy of Public health and Head of School of Public Health Medicine

Expansion – maximising potential opportunities in children and young people’s mental health services There’s a huge amount of investment in children and young people’s mental health (CYP MH) at present – we are appointing a new CYP lead in our mental health programme & need a Darzi Fellow to help us understand what’s going on and what’s needed. ​Dr Adrian Whittington,  Joint Director of Psychology and Psychological Therapies, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust IAPT National Clinical Advisor – Education, NHS England Clinical Lead for Mental Health: Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey and Sussex Chair: Psychological Professions Network, Kent, Surrey and Sussex ​
Falling through the gaps – turning our stories into a case for change Current focus on the physical/mental health integration is around the mental health of people with long term conditions and on preventative checks for those with serious mental illness – we want to look at improving the care for those people with both long term mental and physical conditions through understanding their experiences. ​Neil Carleton, Programme Manager, HEE KSS & Sussex Partnership Helen Leigh-Phippard, Mental Health Trainer & Consultant ​


Designing new models of care around user needs – using a Danish 'living labs' approach

​Design your own project supporting citizens to take more responsibility for their own wellbeing – underpinned by a greater understanding of motivation and patient activation, advances in behavioural science and technology.

​Dr Des Holden, Medical Director, Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN