​Deploying technology to improve care

Taking advantage of the latest technology, products and services is crucial to improving health outcomes, the patient experience and the sustainability of the health and social care system.

There is a challenge for health and social care staff to see what technologies are available. Similarly, there's a challenge for product and technology developers (industry) to know what's needed. Patients themselves may want to be part of trials or to find out about new products as they come onto the market.

Our "Bridging the gap" services can help by connecting industry with the right people in the health and care sector. We can also signpost patients to information and other services who may be able to support them. 

We focus effort where there is highest value to the health and care system - both commissioners and providers. We provide a number of opportunities for health and social care professionals to discover and discuss technologies that may help them meet patient needs and improve the quality of care. We also support industry through national programmes. 

Our role is respond to a wide range of clinical needs with a range of technologies. We promote the opportunity - the technology or capability - and not a specific product or company.

Our "Bridging the gap" service has a five-step process that supports industry to understand the healthcare market better, connect more effectively with the right people, validate their technology and spread it across the NHS.

Bridging the gap

If you are a patient or currently work in the health and care sector and want to find out more, please contact us via kssahsn.bridgingthegap@nhs.net