New survey on use of AI in health and care launched

Individuals and organisations working across health and social care are being asked to take part in an innovative survey to determine how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be harnessed within the NHS and in preventative health settings.

The Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative is bringing together 40 core leaders with diverse perspectives on AI from clinical, technological, legal and ethical areas, as well as practical on-the-ground experience from innovators in the NHS.
Members are drawn from a wide field, including academia, industry, government and the third sector including citizen groups.
The project’s aim is to develop and drive innovation and adoption of AI technology throughout the NHS and social care-  improving care at less cost and promoting healthy lifestyle. 
The first stage in the process is to create a directory and interactive map of where AI exists and where the compelling use cases are in health and care.  
Guy Boersma, Managing Director of Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) is heading the initiative. He urged anyone involved or interested in AI within health and care as well as preventative health to take part in the initial mapping survey:
“AI can offer huge potential to improve care and cut costs within the NHS. This
exciting new initiative will shape how AI is used, and as our starting point we’re keen to develop an understanding of how AI is being used today, and where any gaps are.
“The survey will allow us to understand the major barriers and enablers to AI, and this information will be vital in helping us to inform future policy, organisational delivery and funding.”
With an initial focus on the use of AI in diagnostics, the project’s aim is to create a user-led ecosystem of experts and innovators in data and artificial intelligence who will create and drive innovation and adoption of AI technology throughout the NHS and social care, and eventually in preventative health.


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